Photo of a doctor holding a stethoscope on a yellow background
Posted January 05, 2022 |Category: health rights

Dr Madeleine breaks down what is - and ISN'T - okay behaviour to expect in different health appointments.

photo of white letters on a wooden background stating "Sex Ed"
Posted December 06, 2021 |Category: sex education

One of our team members reflects on what sex ed was like, and what she's learnt since.

Photo of a tan hand writing in a diary
Posted October 28, 2021 |Category: general

Does leaving lockdown feel a bit weird? Need a transitional activities? Try these 10 activity ideas loosely related to all things sexual and reproductive health!

Photo of a blood test with the label STI test
Posted September 20, 2021 |Category: sexual health

Getting a sexual health test can seem a bit awkward - but knowing what to expect can help!

Photo of a woman in pink scrubs with her arms in the air, smiling
Posted August 01, 2021 |Category: sexual health, health professional

One sexual health nurse reveals why she can't get enough of her job - talking all things STIs, safety and fun!

Photo of tampons, phone calendar, and pills emerging from a toiletries bag on a pink background
Posted December 20, 2021 |Category: contraception

Dr Madeleine joins us again to chat about how contraception affects your period.

International Students
Posted November 15, 2021 |Category: multicultural health, sexual health, health rights

International students have a lot of things to think about before studying abroad. These are some of the things I wish I knew before I became an international student, myself.

Photo of a hand holding a positive pregnancy test on a pink background
Posted September 28, 2021 |Category: abortion

Our guest contributor, Dr Madeleine, shares her thoughts on this common anxiety.

Photo of a woman in a thoughtful pose on a blue background
Posted August 24, 2021 |Category: contraception

Weight gain, bleeding and mood swings...can contraception really cause these side effects, and how likely are they?

Photo of a clear plastic speculum
Posted July 19, 2021 |Category:

Since 2017, the Pap smear has been replaced by a HPV or Cervical Screening Test (CST). So, what's the difference?