Sextember Zine

September is our favourite month - or Sextember, as we like to call it! In 2020 we mark our favourite awareness events (like World Sexual Health Day, STI Testing Week, and International Safe Abortion Day) with our very own sexual and reproductive health zine.

In collaboration with some amazing organisations and artists, we are proud to present “Sextember 2020” for World Sexual Health Day!
We hope you enjoy this compilation of some of the great resources out there on all things sexual and reproductive health.


Encouraging Doctors to become Sexual and Reproductive Health Care Providers

Do you have a wonderful GP that you trust? That listens to your needs, and provides patient centred care? Have you ever asked them if they provide a comprehensive suite of sexual and reproductive health care services – like contraception, medication abortion and sexual health services? Here is a resource that you can take to your GP, to help you have that conversation.