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What is stealthing, and why is it illegal?

Stealthing is a form of sexual assault and is now a crime under Victorian law. So, what exactly does 'stealthing' look like?
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on 15 Jan 2024 7:53 AM
Photo of a scared woman in bed under sheets

Five Red Flags in Bed and How to Manage Them

Here at 1800 My Options, we aim to promote healthy and supportive relationships which make you feel safe and fulfilled, and that includes in the bedroom. Read on for some red flags which should prompt at least a discussion with your partner(s) about why their behaviour isn’t okay, and advice on how to approach the chat.
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on 02 Nov 2022 8:41 AM
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Telling your partner(s) you have an STI

Openly discussing STIs is not something we are taught to do, but it’s an important part of caring for ourselves and others! So what's the best way to go about telling people if you have an STI?
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on 04 Apr 2022 8:04 AM