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Three Reasons to Love Lube

on 31 Jan 2022 8:29 AM
Photo of a tube of lube on an aquamarine background.

Historically, opting to use lubricant (a liquid or gel which reduces friction) during sex has gotten a bad rap – especially for vagina-owners, who may have been shamed for being “unable” to provide sufficient natural lubrication.

Happily though, the many benefits of lube are becoming increasingly known and celebrated! Our guest contributor Dr Madeleine explains why lube might be a great addition to your next sexual experience:

Of course, if any reaction occurs (such as localised rash, swelling or discomfort), discontinue use, as you may have an allergy to an ingredient. Otherwise, including lube may enhance your sexual experiences in wonderful ways, so go ahead and Live, Laugh, Lube.