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Abortion procedures

Depending on how long you have been pregnant, as well as service availability, you may have the option of either a medical or surgical abortion.

Some doctors will provide only medical or surgical procedures, and some provide both. The number of options you have tends to decrease as the pregnancy gestational age increases, so it's important to access information and services as quickly as you can.

For more information about abortion, please visit the Family Planning Victoria website.

Follow up care

How you feel after an abortion will depend on your reasons for having one and how comfortable you were about your decision. The majority of women feel relieved and that they made the right decision for them at the time.
After the abortion, some women want to talk about their experiences with a doctor, nurse or professional counsellor. Issues such as physical and emotional recovery, and contraceptive options are usually discussed.

If you do find that you need additional support, please let your abortion provider know, as some providers may be able to provide follow-up support or refer you to an appropriate support service. You can also find a list of non-biased, professional counselling and support services here.

Abortion facts and myths

There are many myths and misconceptions about abortion. Some are based on beliefs from the past when abortion was illegal and 'backyard' procedures carried considerable risks. If you have ever searched for information on abortion on the internet, you might have encountered websites with conflicting and sometimes inaccurate information. The Royal Women's Hospital has created a list of abortion myths and facts to help separate fact from fiction.


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